Sunset On Central

August 26th, 2017 | Knoxville, TN

sad baxter

Sad Baxter

Deezy and Alex are Sad Baxter. They live in Nashville. They met when Deezy left a note on Alex's door because she had no friends. They dated, and now they don't. Deezy still has no friends. 

Inspired by grungy, heavy, melodic, mostly loud rock music (Nirvana, Veruca Salt, Hole, etc) Deezy stole her mom's guitar as a teenager in NJ and began her ~*journey*~ of writing angst-filled songs of discontent. Alex played drums in hardcore bands in PA growing up, and the two joined forces when they realized they were both huge idiots. They want to party with you, but in a sad, loud, La Croix/KitKatBar kinda way.