Sunset On Central

August 26th, 2017 | Knoxville, TN


2019 Sunset Artists




Their debut single “40 Watt” racked up millions of plays, putting them into national radio rotation, including Alt Nation's Top 18. ELEL was handpicked to perform alongside Lena Dunham and Keegan Michael-Key in Mike Birbiglia’s new feature film, Don't Think Twice.


Josiah & the greater good

Josiah & The Greater Good

Supported by his band, The Greater Good, Josiah Atchley, marine turned musician, is taking the music scene by storm! With a high energy show, full of unpredictable jams, one is guaranteed to leave a fan. They combine for lethal dose of heavy rock/blues/reggae vibes with a hint of pop and whatever other seasoning the moment may call for.

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the mailboxes

The mailboxes

The Mailboxes is an art-pop band from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Members Jillian and Logan Ivey are creative partners who also happen to be married to one another. Jillian plays piano, sings really loud, and writes catchy indie pop melodies. Logan plays the drums, looks cool, and is trying not to break his arms again. They like touring across the country in their van and thru-hiking in the mountains.

Madi diaz

MAdi diaz

Taking on grungy, pulsating bass lines that open up to shimmering expansive chords and punchy drum beats, Madi Diaz’s brand of sophisticated bad girl indie highlights her unfettered vocal swagger, while underneath lies effervescent pop and lyrical emotional through line.


grandpa’s stash

Grandpa’s stash

Grandpa's Stash is a band that has earned a reputation for a high-energy, gloves off Rock & Roll show coupled with a lyrical, heart-on-the-sleeve sincerity that kicks audiences in the ear's ass while getting ice for the bruise! It’s always a party when these guys take the stage, so grab your dang dancing shoes and get ready to shake your booty.




Jaymison is the name that Caleb J. Bullock uses to share his cool-toned and crisp-feeling melodies. His sound is a South Floridian burnished beach folk mixed with the passive pop of his New York forming. His single, Yellow Squash, was released in August of 2018 and has thankfully graced the playlists of such as Spotify’s “Fresh Finds”, Apeiron, and others.

Rock eupora

Rock Eupora

Clayton Waller, the Nashville music artist known as Rock Eupora, creates a unique blend of gritty rock and shimmering pop. Waller has developed his fuzz pop sound over the course of three full-length albums – which he wrote, performed, and produced all himself.




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travis bigwood

travis bigwood & the lonesome doves

Travis Bigwood is a Knoxville singer-songwriter who uses southern ideology and folklore to create arrangements yearning for simpler times. He has recently stepped out to tell his own story.

Alongside Aubrey Mullins and Cord Johnson, Travis Bigwood & The Lonesome Doves create beautiful harmonies and a sweet sound that is at the same time modern and classic.